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The Secret Doctrine for the 21st Century - Nebular Origins

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The Secret Doctrine for the 21st Century - Nebular Origins

The Esoteric Philosophy is concerned with the Soul and Spirit of the Cosmos, not just its outward illusive appearance and behavior. It suggests that Science should investigate the spiritual and psychic, as well as physical departments and laws of nature. The interior nature of Cosmic and human nature is an integral part of the whole.

The Starseeds of Divine Matrix

The Starseeds of Divine Matrix

From this standpoint, The Esoteric Philosophy explains that the Sun and the planets have the same nebular origin. In its primordial dissociated elemental condition, a nebula is composed of self-luminous matter. This matter, undetectable through the physical methods of modern science, is diffuse and homogeneous.

Primeval homogeneous matter still exists at immense distances from the outskirts of our solar system and beyond. It is the stuff from which the stars are made. As those stars are formed, the primordial substance differentiates resulting in variations in the constituent materials of the stars. Some of the elements of the stars are unknown on earth.

This study is based on the content of SD I, pp. 588-590.



“The nebular hypothesis, involving the theory of the existence of primeval matter, diffused in a nebulous condition, is of no modern date in astronomy as everyone knows. Anaximenes, of the Ionian school, had already taught that the sidereal bodies were formed through the progressive condensation of a primordial pregenetic matter, which had almost a negative weight, and was spread out through Space in an extremely sublimated condition.” (SD I, pp. 589-590)


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