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 21.03.2020 20:29

Collective Dark Night of The Soul : Cocooning for New Foundations To Birth!

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Collective Dark Night of The Soul :

Cocooning for New Foundations To Birth!

The Equinox Window is WIDE OPEN and it is streaming downloads the FASTEST I've ever seen...FLOOD GATES are OPEN WIDE!!! I've never seen soooo many symbols come in , in such quick succession!!!

Last night I awoke a number of times to find my self chanting continuously in my sub Consciousness!! There is much happening that our Conscious awareness can not conceive and so it's imperative that we stay alert and open to recieve Now.

Stellar Systems

Stellar Systems

Heavy Downloads, can experience heaviness in head and simultaneous release of old programmings , beliefs etc via phlem ( nose and throat) . The Equinox Void simply sucking away that which is no longer sustainable into the void of Zero Point!!

As the planet goes into a Collective Dark Night of The Soul, the Cocooning for the Birthing of the New Foundations of the New Consciousness of 22. Lightworkers have already been through this Cocooning since December and Now Need to HOLD SPACE for the rest of the Planet as it finds itself chartering unknown territory of fear, anxiety and confusion unsure of what the future holds...

Lightworkers however KNOW THIS PERIOD to be the Zero Point of the Spiral of MULTIPLE FUTURE OUTCOMES.

At personal and planetary levels, we can NO LONGER continue to exist the way we have been and THE FOUNDATIONAL STRUCTURE is to crumble to bring in NEW WAYS of BEING for Society, Economy and the ENVIRONMENT!!! Gaia had shown us that the blink of an eye ...she can have her way...and the only reason we are still around is because of her Great LOVE and COMPASSION. This is the Fierce Feminine TOUGH LOVE #844 of Gaia and we need to mend our ways.

So Be In AWARENESS this Equinox Window 20-22 March as we are getting important Downloads/ information , keep your FOCUS sharp on what spoke of the Multiple Future Outcomes you envision for yourself and our Beloved Gaia.4:4:4 we register our timelines. This is Not the time to despair, although the collective thinks so...it's The Womb/ Cocoon of INFINITE POTENTIAL of FUTURE OUTCOMES.

Be Light ,InLight ,InJoy

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